MARCH 12-22, 2021

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March 12-22, 2021 you have an extraordinary opportunity to share the Gospel in 2 countries during 1 one mission trip – Thailand and Laos. Both countries have less than 1% Christians among the population and are in great need of missionaries.

If you have a heart for evangelism, outreach to college students, counseling and intercessory prayer – we need you! If you are a medical professional or would like to volunteer in a medical clinic – we need you!

Our ministry will start in Bangkok and the nearby city Mahachai where we will partner with the local churches in evangelistic outreaches, ministry to university students and hosting a free medical clinic.

The partner church in Bangkok counts several thousand members and has planted churches in 70 locations across Thailand and in Vientiane, Laos.

Udon Thani (meaning “northern city”) belongs to the Isan region of Thailand being one of its 4 major cities. The city’s economy flourished during the Vietnam war. It became progressive because of their proximity to Udon Royal Thai Air Force Base. It is also the area in Thailand that has the most Vietnamese settlers, the refugees from the war. Udon has also experienced an influx of migrants from surrounding struggling nations. These people have no access to social service and struggle to survive as illegal immigrants.

In Udon we will reach out to the migrants from Laos and Myanmar with evangelistic outreach, Bible distribution and hosting a medical clinic.

In Laos we will partner with the church planted by the Hope of Bangkok Church and hold evangelistic services, share testimonies, counseling, Bible distribution and other outreaches.

Christianity in Laos is growing rapidly, especially among the Hmong minorities. Christians are often excommunicated from their Buddhist families. The Communist government of Laos is not favorable towards Christianity either. However, the hunger and openness among the people makes our mission very timely and strategic.

We look forward to ministering with you in Thailand and Laos.  If God is calling you to join this mission please contact our office ASAP to secure your spot on the team.


Fill out and send us by mail or email the application form and submit a brief letter of recommendation from your pastor or spiritual mentor. The letter should include his or her contact information.


Request an online application by emailing


  • There are 77 provinces housing 63 million people across Thai mountains.
  • Religion: 94.6% practicing Buddhism, 4% Muslim, and less than 1% Christian.
  • Government: constitutional monarchy
  • Thailand means “Land of the Free” in the Thai language.


  • Thai people are in desperate need of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Thailand has the highest HIV population in all of Asia.
  • Sex trafficking and forced child labor is among the worst in the world.

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