North Macedonia

September 2-12, 2020

About the Trip:

WMA vision for Macedonia was much like the “Macedonian Call” of Paul a product of a dream in early 2018 when God revealed to us the call for the Balkan Region. The first country on the Lord’s agenda was Serbia, the next was Macedonia.

September 2-12 will be our first groundbreaking mission to Macedonia. The history of this country goes back into antiquity – it has suffered invasions by the Persian and Roman Empire in the sixth and the second century BC, came under the Serbian rule in the early 19th century, became part of the Communist Yugoslavia in 1945, and only in the early 1990s finally gained its independence.

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the civil was between the government and the Albanian separatists. The civil war was ended with NATO intervention granting the Albanian minorities representation in the government.

Today, as the country is recovering from the troublesome past, North Macedonia has one of the highest shares of people struggling financially, with 72% of its citizens stating that they could manage on their household’s income only “with difficulty” or “with great difficulty”

As we met with the pastors of the local churches, it became clear that Macedonia has been greatly under evangelized and the churches need help in developing a vision for growth and evangelistic outreach, especially among the Muslim Albanians. Evangelical church is the smallest by numbers religion in North Macedonia, although one of the former presidents was an evangelical Christian.

On this groundbreaking mission we will be building relationships with the local congregations, conducting church leadership training, women’s ministry and partnering with the local churches in evangelism.

Macedonia is a landlocked country known for beautiful lakes and scenic mountains. We will have the opportunities to explore the culture and history of this beautiful country.

Do you hear the “Macedonian call”? We invite you to join us!

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Macedonia Facts:

  • In the recent years Macedonia has experienced a deep political crisis. The crisis stemmed from the entrenched conflict between the largest Macedonian ruling party and the largest Macedonian opposition party, as well as the Albanian minority groups seeking representation in the government. Corruption among the leaders and the weak economy have been at the root of the tensions in the country. The 30% unemployment rate combined with the minimal guaranteed salary of 150 EUR created an atmosphere of despair and feelings of insecurity in the majority of the Macedonian citizens. Due to such trends, a good number of younger Macedonian citizens have left the country.
  • Only 3,000 to 5,000 among Macedonian population are Evangelical Christians, which is about 0.3 percent of the population. The vast majority of the evangelical believers in Macedonia are Macedonians, with the Roma population being the second largest evangelical group. There are very few Macedonian Albanian evangelical believers in Macedonia.

Spiritual Needs and Prayer Points for Macedonia:

1.       Passion for evangelism for the Christian leaders in Macedonia.

2.       Long term political stability (Macedonia has been greenlighted by the US for acceptance into NATO in December of 2019!)

3.       Salvation among Macedonian Albanians, who are Muslims but are open to witness (no churches exist among them as of today)

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